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It is an automated crypto trading robot. It is 24/7 trade for you by connecting to your account on the exchange that you giving the authorization with the settings and preferences you set.

It is 100% safe. CryptoMatic Bot has "only" the authority to trade on your behalf thanks to the API key that you will generate from your exchange. You set the authorization restrictions yourself when generating your API key.

The system will guide you for installation and startup after become a member. All coins come with predefined default settings after initial setup for you can do low risk trades. It is recommended to customize your settings and increase trade amounts after using it with the default settings for a while and understanding the working method.

No. CryptoMatic runs on the cloud. You don't need to do any downloads or constantly run a program. You just have to become a member, set your settings and start the trade you want. CryptoMatic will instantly notify you via Telegram for every transaction.

After you become a member, you can try unlimited for 3 days. After the trial period ends, you can continue to use it by purchasing one of the plans with different capacities. You can learn more about pricing at Plans.

Spot and Futures trading, pyramid orders (DCA), leveling pyramid entries, trailing stop, stop-loss, simultaneous position limitation, taking action after stop-loss and more...

CryptoMatic Bot performs all transactions automatically. It makes 24/7 transactions in line with the settings you specify and sends you notifications via Telegram for each transaction. If you wish, you can rearrange your settings according to the market situation, close your positions manually or open-close the coins you want.

CryptoMatic Bot has different ready-made strategies for Spot and Futures trading. These are called Hourly, Daily and Weekly for Spot and Scalping, Intraday and Swing for Futures. CryptoMatic generates buy-sell signals for these strategies by analyzing different time frames and automatically opens the positions.

Yes. With TradingView alerts, you can send Webhook requests to CryptoMatic Bot to make transactions. You can make automated trades with CryptoMatic Bot using any of the thousands of indicators on TradingView.

Ready-made strategies try to find trend reversals using combinations of powerful indicators such as RSI and moving averages.

Membership prices vary monthly and annually in 4 different plans. For detailed information, you can review the Plans page in the administration panel. Membership plans vary according to the trade types such as Spot and Futures, the number of simultaneous positions and the trade volume. You can switch between membership plans at any time. When you change your current membership plan, the days you don't use will be refunded to your credit.

The CryptoMatic administration panel is very easy to use with its user-friendly design. Detailed information can be obtained by clicking on the question mark icons in all options and settings on the panel. If you still need help, you can reach us on our Telegram Support account. You can also get information from our community by joining our Telegram Group and be in constant communication.

You can terminate your CryptoMatic membership at any time and have all your registered information deleted. To purchase a membership plan, you must have prepaid credits from your account. It is not possible to refund for credits. However, when you want to upgrade or downgrade your existing membership plan, the days you don't use will be refunded to your credit and the new plan you have chosen starts to charge.

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