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Take Profit and Stop-Loss

When the indicated rate is reached or when the rate drops at the indicated value the position closes. You can choose from 3 different stop-loss options.

Trailing Stop

When the indicated rate is reached, the trailing stop is activated and the position profit is followed until the deviation at the indicated rate occurs.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

You can divide your investment into smaller pieces and enter the asset at different prices, thereby getting a better average price for your position.

Multiple Signal Strengths

You can define different entry amounts and leverages for Neutral and Strong signal.

Concurrent Position Limitation

By limiting the number of positions to be opened, you can use your balance in a more controlled way and reduce your risk.

Spot and Futures

You can use all the features in both the Spot and Futures market.


We offer excellent benefits to support your trading skills.

Ready-Made Strategies
TradingView Integration
Telegram Notifications
24/7 Telegram Support
Short Help Texts
Rich Setting Combinations
Powerful Trader Panel
Paper Trade
Reverse Trade
Trade History
Multiple Pair Selection
Multiple Stop-Loss Options
Take Action After Stop-Loss
Minimize the Risk Option
Levels of Pyramid Entries
Cloud Service

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